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TA DA!!!!!!!!!! Alicia & Al’s Wedding Day Spectacular!

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Oh, I am pleased as punch to FINALLY be able to bring you images from my assistant’s wedding – Alicia and Al!!!  Or AL2 (Al Squared) as we refer to it around here.  Let me start by saying that they had a beautiful wedding – I mean just fabulous and well planned.  Alicia and I met two years ago when she was just in the early stages of planning her wedding and to see it all come together was nothing short of magical and inspiring.  It was quite an experience for me being sorta “in” on the planning and then seeing the results that day.  I was blown away!  Working for a photographer and me being able to pretty much tell my client/employee what I wanted was a dream come true for both of us.  Needless to say, we created a very ambitious photo itinerary unlike nothing I’ve ever attempted before. ;o)

Look at how gorgeous she is, checkin’ out her hair in the mirror!  I love her expression here.


Her crystal choker was cool – cool to the touch and uber cool to wear!


Their festivities were headquartered at the Emory Conference Center & Hotel.  This is where the day began and would end with the reception later in the evening. I was helped by Angel Taylor to capture shots of the girls getting ready while Sam Napper covered the guys for me. I love this shot that Sam snapped of Al  waiting for his “first look” with Alicia.


After Al presented Alicia with her beautiful silk bouquet (Al is allergic to most flowers so they used Georgia Griffin of A Wedding In Silk), we used the ECC courtyard for a few romantics and individual portraits of them.


Alicia and I spent one evening scouting out locations to shoot and literally drawing a breadcrumb trail map of where to go the day of the wedding so we could get a lot done efficiently in a short time.  These Japanese maple trees were even more gorgeous the day of the wedding.  Their shade was quite welcome, too! Whew!  It was HOT.


After running around with Al2, we brought out the wedding party and families for some fun shots.  Any Beatles fans?  This shot is totally unstaged -really.  Just looked up and saw the guys watching Al2 in the courtyard and SNAP!


The girls on the other hand, were wonderful divas!


Next, it was off to the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception and marry off these two love birds.  One of my favorite moments – in any Catholic service – the presentation to the Mother Mary.


Al graduated from Georgia Tech so when they left the church, their friends were there to cheer them on with gold and white pom poms!!!!


The ECC is perfect for their theme which was loosely based on A Midsummer Night’s Dream – a very organic, woodsy location, the ECC Silver Bell Pavilion is surrounded by trees and has an open feel as it’s surrounded on three sides by glass.  It was also perfect for the handfasting ceremony they held right outside in a ring of beautiful evergreen trees.  Alison Day performed the sacred rituals while their families gathered in the round.


The couple was introduced (running through the pom poms again!) and performed their first dance.  It was beautiful and Angel helped me snag this shot with some off camera flash (we’re playing around with it a lot still) giving their dance a spot light effect!


No GA Tech wedding would be complete without a Tech cake!  We’ve seen different versions but this is probably the best “Ramblin’ Wreck” cake I’ve ever seen!  Celso’s Cakes did a great job on the Alicia’s cake, too!


I’ve told Al that this garter pull shot WILL be on the new web site debuting this fall.  This is my all-time favorite garter pull image ever. Don’t ask me how the bunny ears made it, but they do.  The Elvis snarl is classic.  This is Al.  I love this shot.


Band of Gold really kept the crowd hopping all night. This was the first time I worked with them and they are fabulous!


At the end of the night, they decided to have a last dance like many couples do.  However, they wanted to be completely alone.  So, while the guests were lining up outside for their departure, we captured one last spotlight image of their “last dance”.


And now, one more piece of my influence.  We used these streamers (like a million years ago!) in 2002 for a big televised wedding here in Atlanta.  I loved them and always wanted to shoot another exit with them.  I convinced Alicia to order some and so here is the result.  I didn’t tell her how tangled up they would get!!!!! 😉  I love the effect – virtually trapping the bride and groom and making them fight their way out!  Love the expressions – they had no idea.  How can little tiny paper streamers be so strong?


Congratulations guys – I love you both.  See Al2’s entire slideshow extravaganza HERE.


Fall/Winter 2009 Special Packages!

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That’s right folks!  If you’ve been lurking, now’s the time to book us for your wedding!  I’ve just created some AWESOME packages that are packed with goodies at a great price.  Have you been dreaming of having a photobooth at your wedding?  Well, now you can have it included for FREE with any package!  We’ve also got some deals on albums – save even more on parents’ albums if you buy two.

These specials can be booked from now until December 31st however, your wedding can be any date.

REMEMBER:  There is a  BRIDAL REGISTRY for any products we offer!  This means your family and guests can purchase credits towards the wedding album of your dreams!  Register for canvas and print packages, too.

Click HERE for a downloadable PDF file of these offers.

And hurry! We only shoot ONE wedding per day so don’t lose your date.

Allie Award – AGAIN!!!! 2009 Best Event Photography!!!!

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Alicia, Me, & Steven with the Allie Award for Best Event Photography!

Alicia, Me, & Steven with the Allie Award for Best Event Photography!

I am so honored…and was almost speechless because I really wasn’t too sure this year how the decision would go.  Here, 7 years from the first time I entered the Allies in 2002, I have won my fourth Allie Award for Best Event Photography!  This is a local recognition by our peers in the special events industry in Atlanta.   We have VERY specific rules and guidelines which any one can see at the Allies web site, but to summarize we can choose an event in the last calendar year (Jan 1, 2008-Dec 31, 2008) and only ten photos from that event that depict the event’s activities, decor, participants, catering, venue and have a “Wow” factor.   We also must do a written, two-page description of the event, our responsibility, our challenges & obstacles, and our client’s goals and expectations and how those were met (whew!).

This year I chose to enter two entries since I am now a member of NACE (you are allowed an additional entry for each membership your company holds) so I entered Brittany & Chuck’s wedding at Lake Rabun and Deborah & Tony’s wedding at the Fox Theatre.  It was Deborah & Tony’s that got the nomination!  I called it “Rockin’ the Fox”!

Me accepting my Allie and slightly stunned by the outcome

Me accepting my Allie and slightly stunned by the outcome

This year was a record year for entries in the Photography category.  We had seven entries from six companies (two of the entries were from me) and four nominees resulted due to a tie.  When we are notified of the nominees, all we know is the company’s name that is nominated.  Only at the awards banquet during cocktail hour, will we see the actual entries and lay eyes for the first time on our competitions’ entries.  This time like always, I was pretty nervous.  I can be pretty hard on myself and my work and I didn’t have very high expectations once I saw who I was up against.

Big Band entertainment for the evening

Big Band entertainment for the evening

I saw that the nominees with me were Mike Moreland, the Zenith Design Group (?  that one had us scratching our heads?), and my good friends Anna & Spencer Clark.  I really respect both Mike and the Clark’s very much so it was a honor to be nominated with them!  Both of their entries were fabulous so in my mind, it was a complete toss up as to the outcome.

The glam girls, Dames Aflame as awards hostesses

The glam girls, Dames Aflame as awards hostesses

I was not even nervous when they got to our category – third in the program that night so fairly early, during salads!  I was genuinely expecting someone else to be announced….and then they said the magic words “Rockin’ the Fox….” and Alicia just SQUEALED and started clapping frantically…it took several seconds for it to register because I wanted to make sure I wasn’t aurally hallucinating!

Me & Mark Brickman of BakersMan, Inc

Me & Mark's Allies

Me & Mark's Allie

I am also so glad that of course (of COURSE) my good friend, Mark Brickman of Baker’s Man Inc won yet again (what’s this, the sixth time Mark?  I lose track…!) for Best Cake Presentation.  I’ve said many times right here on this blog, he’s the BEST for a reason!

You might notice they misspelled my name on the award – I’m supposed to get a new one this week.  I get my name misspelled a lot so it wasn’t a big deal to me when I saw it that way on the nominations. But now I know better – I should have told them right away!

Alicia, Anna & Spencer Clark at our table

Alicia, Anna & Spencer Clark at our table

I also want to congratulate my other good friends over at Spectrum Entertainment for winning their FIRST Allie for Best Entertainment on a Shoestring!  Congrats guys!  You’re the best DJ friends a gal can have! ;o)

And to all the other Allie winners…AND nominees, congratulations!  We’ll see you next year, too!

Here are the images I used in my entry, “Rockin’ the Fox” of Deborah & Tony’s wedding:


Our New Photobooth!!!!!!

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OHMYGOSH!!! This is so much fun and we are so excited to offer this to all our clients this year…..TA DAAAAAA!


Shari Zellers Photography now has a Photobooth!


We are bringing this to EVERY WEDDING that wants a Photobooth  – yes, and completely free of charge!


I was asked several times last year if we offered such a service and alas, all I could say was that I knew there were services to rent photobooths.  It seemed an ambitious effort to make one (I’ve seen some that my colleagues had built) and I wasn’t sure where to begin…

That is until I went to LA for Pictage PartnerCon and stayed with my good friend Paul Manke.  He and his partner Jimmy had built a free-standing remote operated camera “box” from IKEA and installed a camera with remote, a continuous light source, and a video screen so guests can not only “line up” their shot but see the photo right after it’s taken!  So, I snapped some shots of their set up and returned home with a gleam in my eye and went to work assembling all the parts.


It has three basic parts that we bring:  A) The camera box – a 5′ free standing enclosed shelf unit which contains the camera itself, the light, the video and remote for taking the photos. B) The backdrop which hangs from our portable backdrop stand.  We currently have black, red, silver, purple and royal blue backdrops. Custom colors available, too!  and C) the Bench with props included!

Now, our photo booth does not print out however, the images will be posted on each wedding web site along with the couple’s other wedding day images in a folder we’ll simply call “Photobooth”!  This way everyone that wants a copy can order one (2-4-1 in the first month!) and they won’t be lost or damaged at the wedding!

Also, all the images from the Photobooth will be included in the couple’s final collection – in their proof book or DVD of digital files, too!

Check out these hilarious shots from our last two weddings!  Can’t you just imagine you and your guests having this much fun!?


Tejani Goddess Party

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Hi All! Going to attempt to update everyone on all the great things we’ve been up to! It’s about ten minutes until it’s officially Spring and that means one thing: Bridal Fairs and All Things Weddings!!!!!

I have just officially become an advertising partner with The Atlantan Brides! Last week I had the honor of shooting my first event for Atlantan – the Tejani Goddess Party. The event was held at the Geisha House in Atlantic Station – what a swanky place!


Get ready for some….



Lots and lots of amazing jewelry from the online store, Tejani. Self-described as “Glamour and avant-garde style with a touch of ethnic heritage defines contemporary jewelry brand…” This stuff is GOR-Geous! Tejan means “brightness” and “sparkle” and it was a very sparkly night!

In addition to shopping for precious jewels for your next big event, the soiree also offered spa services -like massage and manicures – and make-up application.



And no special event would be special without food. Check out these adorable custom cupcakes by Mindy Hylton of M Cupcakes & More. Can’t you just picture a table full of these in your own wedding colors? Uh, yum!


And of course, Geisha House provided, what else? Sushi – nom nom nom…(not that I got to eat any – I was too busy and then it was all gone!)


Also on hand to add to the atmosphere where table designs by Elizabeth Espy of Events by Elizabeth.



Elizabeth decked out three niches with different styles of table settings and decor.  Each one was fabulous and cozy with the soft glow of candles and flowers that matched the themes.

Catering to my love of details, we had luscious floral arrangements by David & Chelsea Clarke of Chelsea Floral Designs.  My favorite “arrangement” was the orchids “dripping” from the wooden beams in the ceiling!


There were amazing give aways by all the vendors who sponsored this evening.  The most fun give away was the bouquet toss where Urvi of Tejani gave away a choice of bridal jewelry to the girl who caught the bouquet.  Congratulations to Amanda who picked out these drop dead gorgeous earrings that matched her engagement ring!abgoddess021909_0167abgoddess021909_0169abgoddess021909_01701abgoddess021909_0177

Then I decided at the spur of the moment to give away one of my signature “Vogue Bridal Sessions”.  I mean, these are supposed to be Goddesses, right?  What always brings me such joy is to give a girl an incredible bridal session so she can see how really beautiful she is.  So many brides miss out on this wonderful experience due to budget constraints just trying to pay for the wedding.  So, we had a few of the brides left guess a number I was thinking of between 1 and 10 (it was 8, my lucky number) and the winner was Megan here trying on earrings with her bridesmaids!  Looking forward to seeing you again Megan!


This was an incredible night of fun and luxury!  Definitely sign up on Atlantan’s email list so you can be invited to the fun next time!


Be sure to check out the slideshow of more images from that night HERE.

Bowling For Boobies!

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It’s time to BOWL! That’s right, the FEMME Network organized this fantastic bowling night at Ten Pin Alley in Atlantic Station to raise money for breast cancer awareness. The campaign is literally called “Feel Your Boobies” so this event was dubbed “Bowling for Boobies”! How’s about that for an attention getting title?

Organized by Tavia Foster Evans of Events That Speak, attendees were treated to h’ordourves and drinks in the swanky lounge atmosphere of the Alley and were given unlimited bowling for four hours.

I’d never been to or heard of Ten Pin and it really blew me away! There are three areas of lanes and unlike your usual bowling alley, you can even have a private event with your own room in the party lane area. Upstairs there is pool and more lounge seating with an aerial view of the entire lounge and the open lanes.

During the break in bowling, there were also sponsor tables to visit and a raffle for door prizes given away by the sponsors. Thanks to Luxe Beauty Co.,  Pure Romance,  the Chambliss  Foundation,  Skirt!  Magazine, Space Age  Graphics,  Ticket Assurance,  Real Men  Cook, the Knot, and of course, the FEMME  Network!