Garden of Eden: Tiffany & Jonathan


Tiffany and Jonathan actually got married last weekend – I’m a little late posting their engagment session!  They booked us pretty quick for their wedding, too and I met them AT their engagement session!  I was so amazed by the two of them that day.  AND amazed at my luck to get to photograph these lovebirds.


They really made my job too easy:  first of all, we met at Vines in Lithonia.  Vines used to be one of my all-time favorite venues and shooting locations.  They’ve had some troubles over the years so unfortunately, I don’t get any weddings there anymore.  But this day was just for shooting an engagement session so the property is easy to access for just walking around.benedetti061509_0038

Every thing was in bloom and even though it was hot (I always bring a cooler filled with cold bottled water for me and my clients on days like this), it doesn’t show in the photos- just the beauty of the gardens and my subjects!  Tiffany and Jonathan are so sweet together – obviously in love and very tender in their gestures.  Perfect to me!

We wandered the grounds and eventually made our way to the Oriental Gardens.  This is my favorite shot of the day AND I knew it when I took it.  I was so excited about the red pergola bench and the light pouring in the trees behind them.  It gave me goosebumps it was so perfect.


For me, the entire session was perfect.  From the location to the couple – ok, without the heat, but we are in the South!  I want my couples to have fun on their sessions and I think they did. ;o)benedetti061509_0166

To see more of their fun session, clicke HERE for the slideshow!


2 Responses to “Garden of Eden: Tiffany & Jonathan”

  1. these are gorgeous Shari! LOVE the red sitting area and the last shot with them laughing is priceless!

  2. Beautiful images with a beautiful couple!!!! Perfect setting and perfect lighting.

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