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TA DA!!!!!!!!!! Alicia & Al’s Wedding Day Spectacular!

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Oh, I am pleased as punch to FINALLY be able to bring you images from my assistant’s wedding – Alicia and Al!!!  Or AL2 (Al Squared) as we refer to it around here.  Let me start by saying that they had a beautiful wedding – I mean just fabulous and well planned.  Alicia and I met two years ago when she was just in the early stages of planning her wedding and to see it all come together was nothing short of magical and inspiring.  It was quite an experience for me being sorta “in” on the planning and then seeing the results that day.  I was blown away!  Working for a photographer and me being able to pretty much tell my client/employee what I wanted was a dream come true for both of us.  Needless to say, we created a very ambitious photo itinerary unlike nothing I’ve ever attempted before. ;o)

Look at how gorgeous she is, checkin’ out her hair in the mirror!  I love her expression here.


Her crystal choker was cool – cool to the touch and uber cool to wear!


Their festivities were headquartered at the Emory Conference Center & Hotel.  This is where the day began and would end with the reception later in the evening. I was helped by Angel Taylor to capture shots of the girls getting ready while Sam Napper covered the guys for me. I love this shot that Sam snapped of Al  waiting for his “first look” with Alicia.


After Al presented Alicia with her beautiful silk bouquet (Al is allergic to most flowers so they used Georgia Griffin of A Wedding In Silk), we used the ECC courtyard for a few romantics and individual portraits of them.


Alicia and I spent one evening scouting out locations to shoot and literally drawing a breadcrumb trail map of where to go the day of the wedding so we could get a lot done efficiently in a short time.  These Japanese maple trees were even more gorgeous the day of the wedding.  Their shade was quite welcome, too! Whew!  It was HOT.


After running around with Al2, we brought out the wedding party and families for some fun shots.  Any Beatles fans?  This shot is totally unstaged -really.  Just looked up and saw the guys watching Al2 in the courtyard and SNAP!


The girls on the other hand, were wonderful divas!


Next, it was off to the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception and marry off these two love birds.  One of my favorite moments – in any Catholic service – the presentation to the Mother Mary.


Al graduated from Georgia Tech so when they left the church, their friends were there to cheer them on with gold and white pom poms!!!!


The ECC is perfect for their theme which was loosely based on A Midsummer Night’s Dream – a very organic, woodsy location, the ECC Silver Bell Pavilion is surrounded by trees and has an open feel as it’s surrounded on three sides by glass.  It was also perfect for the handfasting ceremony they held right outside in a ring of beautiful evergreen trees.  Alison Day performed the sacred rituals while their families gathered in the round.


The couple was introduced (running through the pom poms again!) and performed their first dance.  It was beautiful and Angel helped me snag this shot with some off camera flash (we’re playing around with it a lot still) giving their dance a spot light effect!


No GA Tech wedding would be complete without a Tech cake!  We’ve seen different versions but this is probably the best “Ramblin’ Wreck” cake I’ve ever seen!  Celso’s Cakes did a great job on the Alicia’s cake, too!


I’ve told Al that this garter pull shot WILL be on the new web site debuting this fall.  This is my all-time favorite garter pull image ever. Don’t ask me how the bunny ears made it, but they do.  The Elvis snarl is classic.  This is Al.  I love this shot.


Band of Gold really kept the crowd hopping all night. This was the first time I worked with them and they are fabulous!


At the end of the night, they decided to have a last dance like many couples do.  However, they wanted to be completely alone.  So, while the guests were lining up outside for their departure, we captured one last spotlight image of their “last dance”.


And now, one more piece of my influence.  We used these streamers (like a million years ago!) in 2002 for a big televised wedding here in Atlanta.  I loved them and always wanted to shoot another exit with them.  I convinced Alicia to order some and so here is the result.  I didn’t tell her how tangled up they would get!!!!! 😉  I love the effect – virtually trapping the bride and groom and making them fight their way out!  Love the expressions – they had no idea.  How can little tiny paper streamers be so strong?


Congratulations guys – I love you both.  See Al2’s entire slideshow extravaganza HERE.


Garden of Eden: Tiffany & Jonathan

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Tiffany and Jonathan actually got married last weekend – I’m a little late posting their engagment session!  They booked us pretty quick for their wedding, too and I met them AT their engagement session!  I was so amazed by the two of them that day.  AND amazed at my luck to get to photograph these lovebirds.


They really made my job too easy:  first of all, we met at Vines in Lithonia.  Vines used to be one of my all-time favorite venues and shooting locations.  They’ve had some troubles over the years so unfortunately, I don’t get any weddings there anymore.  But this day was just for shooting an engagement session so the property is easy to access for just walking around.benedetti061509_0038

Every thing was in bloom and even though it was hot (I always bring a cooler filled with cold bottled water for me and my clients on days like this), it doesn’t show in the photos- just the beauty of the gardens and my subjects!  Tiffany and Jonathan are so sweet together – obviously in love and very tender in their gestures.  Perfect to me!

We wandered the grounds and eventually made our way to the Oriental Gardens.  This is my favorite shot of the day AND I knew it when I took it.  I was so excited about the red pergola bench and the light pouring in the trees behind them.  It gave me goosebumps it was so perfect.


For me, the entire session was perfect.  From the location to the couple – ok, without the heat, but we are in the South!  I want my couples to have fun on their sessions and I think they did. ;o)benedetti061509_0166

To see more of their fun session, clicke HERE for the slideshow!

Sweet Home Alabama: Kristen & Randell

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Back in mid May, we had the pleasure of traveling to Opelika and Auburn Alabama for Kristen & Randell’s wedding!  Now, I’m not sure why but almost all of my trips to Alabama involve sticky, hot weather. This weekend was noooooo exception!  Oh my goodness, a torential downpour when we pulled in Friday night and then again on Saturday as Kristen & Randell were getting ready.


The bizarre stormy weather didn’t keep our spirits down.  Alicia and I had fun playing with off camera flash again.  Trying to get some cool effects as usual with my dress shot.  Here we spot lit Kristen’s dress in a darkened room for a dramatic look.


Havin’ fun with her shoes, too!


And just as Kristen finished getting dressed, magically the sun came out and well, didn’t quite dry up ALL the rain.  It was kinda steamy but we were able to get just a few shots outside later in the evening.  So, we stuck mostly to inside shots before the ceremony. The church was nice enough to give us access to this lovely parlor room that had been locked so we could take some beautiful traditional portraits of Kristen.


This couple really liked taking photos and back when I did their engagement session, I got to tour their church and reception venue.  I knew I wanted to shoot with this stained glass window as a silhouette.  Then we headed over to the Auburn Marriott Opelika Hotel & Conference Center At Grand National and wandered behind the hotel grounds to this fountain.


Just as we finished up, it threatened to rain again and these amazing clouds swept in over the hotel.102meadows051609_1132

On of my favorite features of the ballrooms were the large glowing bowl-chandeliers.132meadows051609_0842

Here is Kristen’s mighty bouquet toss.  This was like a sporting event for this crowd!  141meadows051609_0988

And da boys were no less eager.  I love this shot Alicia got – I’m reminded of a statue war memorial!  In the heat of battle, the men strove for the prize!


Now the party really gets started and keeps on going.  Those Auburn folks can party.  I think they played “Sweet Home Alabama” three times.  REally! 😉


Then when they absolutely had to stop, the Kristen and Randell were sent running through the petals!159meadows051609_1075

What a great day despite the kooky weather!  See their whole slideshow HERE.