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Lauren & Dragos – At Last!

Posted in Weddings with tags , on June 25, 2008 by sharizellers

And by “At Last” I mean, I’m finally getting around to bloggin’ their wedding!  But anyways….busy season and we are blessed and honored to be shooting so many gorgeous and fun weddings this year.

Lauren & Dragos were married (way back in April) at the Evergreen Resort at Stone Mountain.  You may remember Lauren’s awesome bridal images we shot up on top of Stone Mountain just a month shy of their wedding day.  They will go down as some of my all-time favorite images!  We were incredibly happy that the weather turned out so beautiful that day…WELL, on their wedding day, we got more of that gloomy overcast and rainy weather again!  However, I gotta say, this couple impressed me again with their “What ever!”  attitude and absolute love for each other which provides it’s own sorta sunshine for their images…

We started off their day with a romantic way for them to see each other for the first time.  Some of our couples choose – for various reasons – to see each other before the ceremony.  I still want to make this first view a special time for the two of them so I give the groom the bouquet to present to the bride as she walks up behind him…then he turns around to see her for the first time and gives her bouquet. 

I’m going to give props this time to Dragos for looking incredibly handsome in his tux.  So many times, we give the bride all the attention so this time I wanted to post a photo of the groom! 

After seeing each other for the first time, it was off on our photo safari around the park.  I took them to the old grist mill first to start their romantics session.  As usual, no prompting needed for these two to express themselves.  I love the way they are around each other – so easy and natural and makes it fun for me!

Next we took them to the covered bridge but there was a lot of traffic around there AND I was getting worried we wouldn’t make it to the top of the lawn in front of the face of the mountain before it started raining so we didn’t shoot as much at the bridge.  When we got to the lawn, I was in complete awe:  for the first time I can ever remember, the mountain top was completely covered in clouds!  You couldn’t even see where the cable cars were going – they just rose up…and disappeared (see the cables to the top left of the photo!)  I thought this made a spectacular image and one you won’t see very often of Stone Mountain – in the clouds.

I was pleased to be able to work with David and Chris of DGL Designs again for Lauren & Dra’s flowers and wedding design.  It’s been a few years and I always look forward to the kind of magic those guys can work with a room – or in this case, a pavillion!  Lauren and Dra had their ceremony in a pavillion overlooking the lake at Stone Mountain and the pavillion had a huge stone fireplace at the top of the “aisle”.  DGL adorned the fireplace with over 50 pillar candles and a floral display of aisiatic lillies, roses, and azaleas.  This made for the truly gorgeous “glow” of the altar behind the ministers during their exchange of vows.

Then the reception was another wonderful surprise.  I loved how they suspended the orchids in giant glass vases and topped them off with floating candles – so creative and glamorous!

And we had fun at the reception with no exceptions.  This group was having such a good time and no one got too rowdy.  My good friend Charles Rutterbush of Spectrum Entertainment  provided DJ services and kept the party going. 

One of my favorite “artsy” images of the evening was when I started playing around with my Lensbaby.  This little lens allows you to move your focal point around to different areas of the frame- very tricky with moving subjects as the depth of field is VERY narrow!  This image of Lauren and Dra dancing was my best and only shot I could use – but I think it turned out great!

If you’d like to see a great slideshow of their fabulous wedding day, click HERE.  Thanks so much guys!


Brittany & Gladin

Posted in Engagements with tags , , on June 1, 2008 by sharizellers

I had a lot of fun with Brittany & Gladin and was so glad we were finally doing their engagement photos! We actually met late last summer and after struggling to secure a date for their wedding, they finally called back early this year to book me for their June wedding. We met up in early April for this fun session and they took me to several unique places! We started in historic downtown Suwanee where I just had to shoot them with this colorful caboose!

Then we wandered around the shops and nearby train tracks where I really loved shooting! I’ve seen so many shots taken on train tracks but never have shot at one myself. I even got a chance to catch a train going by while they stood perfectly still…

Next we headed to a park where Gladin actually proposed to Brittany. This is one of my favorite things to do, to take a couple back to where their engagement actually started and photograph them enjoying and reliving the moments. We had such a perfect blue sky that day and with their denim and white attire, I loved the idea of shooting them against this white-barked birch tree and the sky. Sure made them look tall, too with my wide-angle!

As we strolled along the lakeside, I once again got down really low (yeah, really low – like on my stomach!) to get the landscape and just the trees behind them. Shooting from lots of angles and different perspectives gives you great depth and interesting composition and sometimes can help your backgrounds, too.

We finished up at another park nearer to their family’s house and here I wanted to really capture some landscape shots using some depth with trees and plants.

I’m looking forward to their wedding this Saturday!

To see their entire slideshow, click HERE.