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Amy & Corey – 1st Wedding of ’08!

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What a fabulous way to kick off the wedding season of 2008! Amy and I met at various industry networking events way back in 2004-05. She was the event manager of a wedding venue and we worked together on several weddings. When the time came for Amy to get married, I was extremely honored that she chose me to photograph her wedding!

She and Corey planned their wedding and ceremony to be held at the gorgeous Primrose Cottage in Roswell. The orignal intent was an outdoor ceremony on the back patio of the house. But by the time Amy arrived on the wedding day, we were looking at terrible thunderstorms all day and it was very, very dark. Luckily, Primrose has recently added a beautiful new ballroom on the backside of the house that is almost all glass on three sides. The effect makes it almost look like a treehouse since there are woods in back behind all that glass.

While Amy had help getting dressed from her mom and bridesmaids, I quickly scouted out the ballroom for places to shoot family photos. I also planned to use the large windows to do some interesting portraits of her using just available light coming in from the cool outdoors. I’m so glad now that we did her bridals back in December when it was warm and sunny!

We also used some light from the front door as well. Amy was able to stay dry under the porch!

The ceremony indoors was just so gorgeous and I loved how the hardwood floors just gleamed and reflected the ballroom lights.

Since it was still raining (and raining, and raining…we need it, but!), we did all the post ceremony photos inside as well. My absolute favorite shot is the title shot above with Amy and Corey on the couch – LOVE how adorable they are looking at each other!

When it was time to party, Amy & Core y brought in a not-so-typical band for the evening’s entertainment. Their name proudly emblazened on the base drum should not make you question-Hogg Mountain Luggnuts – these guys rocked the house!

The wedding cake was a beautiful three tiered cake with a simple green satin ribbon. But really, I thought the groom’s cake was so CUTE – a football field with opposing teams – Southern and UGA!!!! Perfect ūüėČ

The parent dances really touched me with so much emotion evident with dad laughing and mom close to tears…

Luckily, the rain  finally held off for them to make their exit with  one final kiss in the bubbles and  wave goodbye to their friends and family.

Thank you so much Amy for letting  me capture your  beautiful day!

You can see their  wedding day slideshow  HERE.


Bowling For Boobies!

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It’s time to BOWL! That’s right, the FEMME Network organized this fantastic bowling night at Ten Pin Alley in Atlantic Station to raise money for breast cancer awareness. The campaign is literally called “Feel Your Boobies” so this event was dubbed “Bowling for Boobies”! How’s about that for an attention getting title?

Organized by Tavia Foster Evans of Events That Speak, attendees were treated to h’ordourves and drinks in the swanky lounge atmosphere of the Alley and were given unlimited bowling for four hours.

I’d never been to or heard of Ten Pin and it really blew me away! There are three areas of lanes and unlike your usual bowling alley, you can even have a private event with your own room in the party lane area. Upstairs there is pool and more lounge seating with an aerial view of the entire lounge and the open lanes.

During the break in bowling, there were also sponsor tables to visit and a raffle for door prizes given away by the sponsors. Thanks to Luxe Beauty Co.,  Pure Romance,  the Chambliss  Foundation,  Skirt!  Magazine, Space Age  Graphics,  Ticket Assurance,  Real Men  Cook, the Knot, and of course, the FEMME  Network!

Paula & Chad

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Well, here’s a better-late-than-never-post – here’s their engagement session and their wedding is tomorrow!¬† Yah, it’s been hard to keep up with the blog again.¬† I’ve been shooting so much and working behind the scenes that I haven’t been able to blog as much again!










¬†Paula and Chad had me meet them at their church to start¬†their engagement¬†session.¬† On the way in, I was really impressed by the new architecture of this church.¬† I loved the stonework and the driveway was lined with blossoming cherry trees!¬† OK, I knew I’d have to get some photos of them sneaking into the blossoms. ;o)










After wandering around the church grounds, we headed over to Kennesaw Mountain Рand drove up, really Рit was too humid to walk!  I need to come back on another day with the dogs though.  I forgot what a great place this is for walking!  We arrived at the top of the mountain where you can lookout all over the area and while there was never any sunlight that day, I really liked the effect of the craggy trees and rocky terrain.  It was a wonderful spot to do some great landscape shots of the two of them.
















Chad grew up in Kennesaw so this was familiar territory for him.  We even ran into some of his friends during our session!


















On our way to the mountain, I had seen this open field that was part of the historic battlefield of Kennesaw Mountain.¬† With lush green grass, rolling hills and treeline, and the split rail wooden fence, I had to make us go back to that field to use as our last picture spot.¬† The perspective of the fence leading to Paula & Chad is one of my favorite shots.¬† And the one where they’re cuddling by the fence?¬† You’d never know it’s just a few steps away from a busy high way behind them!¬† Creative cropping!


















Any way, I can’t wait for tomorrow to see them again.¬† We’re going to have so much fun!

If you would like to see their entire engagement slideshow, click HERE and enjoy!

Danielle’s Bridal Session

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Here are the results of Danielle’s studio bridal portraits! It’s been a while since I’ve done bridals inside and we used the red background last March for Isabella’s new wedding dress line. It’s one of my favorite backgrounds for bridals – just different to me so I always gotta pull it out!

Normally, I do bridals on location but since Danielle and Jonathan were getting married on St.Thomas, we opted to avoid nasty March weather and do a studio version of her bridal session. I want to give a shout-out THANK YOU! to Spectrum Entertainment for letting me use their studio space. That’s the biggest thing I miss about my old location – 3,000 sq ft. of studio space!

I was in awe of how well Danielle did during this session. She really knows how to hold herself in front of the camera! Of course, I help all my subjects to position themselves however, I did have to ask if she’s ever modeled before as she really did so well. Her posture, expressions, and gestures made my job so easy. She is stunning, isn’t she!

We went for several different looks on black, white, and the red backgrounds. I also draped the white with some charcoal cloth to have a retro fashion look but ended up not really doing as much with this look.

And she brought her own bouquet which really came in handy – my new bouquets from Edge Designs hadn’t arrived yet and Danielle’s was perfect for the red background.

I also want to congratulate Danielle & Jonathan since they are married now! ūüėČ

If you would like to see more of Danielle’s Bridal Session, click HERE for her slideshow.

Danielle, Jonathan & Charlie

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I had the great fortune to meet Danielle last year for her puppy portrait session of Charlie, her Shitzuh, who at the time was ten months old and simply adorable.¬†¬†¬† While chatting during Charlie’s session, I discovered that Danielle was engaged and planning to marry Jonathan this May in the Virgin Islands.¬† We talked about doing an engagement session and bridal session since she already had her wedding covered by the resort.¬† I was really glad that she decided to bring Charlie along again for their engagement session!

So, just two days before their scheduled session, the tornado that tore through downtown Atlanta blew up our plans to shoot at Centennial park and the World Congress Center lawn.¬† I went down on Easter Sunday to scout out the situation and it was a¬†messy disaster as we all know now.¬† Oh well…back to Piedmont Park!

And as if I needed more weird weather during another engagement session, it started to snow!  The wind was freezing and yeah, snow flurries were blowing all around off and on during our session!

Danielle really wanted to do some shots without their winter coats but man, that was a challenge!¬† The cute turquoise blouse she has on matches her gorgeous eyes just perfectly.¬† I was wanting some non-coat shots too but I mean, we seriously had to take those fast – it was really below freezing with the windchill!¬† Luckily you can’t tell how cold they are in these HOT shots! ;o)













OK, so here you might be able to get an idea of how windy it is…look at poor Charlie’s face!¬†

The amazing thing was how beautiful all the blossoming trees were that day.  The cherry trees were lucious in full bloom and it was fun trying to find different angles to shoot under the floral canopy.

Charlie wasn’t too happy when we had to crate him from time to time for shots without him but he got in plenty of walks, too.

Despite the cold weather, we got some great shots and they were so much fun and really pulled it out for me!¬† Danielle’s bridal session was the following day and I’ll post those next.

To see their whole slideshow, click HERE.

Haley & Cameron!

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I have been so busy so far this spring! Continually working on albums and guest books but of course, also shooting more engagement sessions than you can shake a stick at! So let me get started…
Haley & Cameron’s wedding is coming up soon this summer at Villa Christina which in itself is an amazing location and one of my favorite venues. However, they suggested going to Callaway Gardens south of Atlanta to do some gorgeous engagement images with the amazing flowers there.
It had been a couple of years since I’d been to Callaway but as usual, there were plenty of beautiful places for us to capture some romantic images. We started with the Virginia Hand Discovery Center and strolled the bridge over the lake.










Our next stop was the John A. Sibley Horticultural Center which has an incredible tropical greenhouse. I wanted to capture some of the canopy of palms we wandered under so I went down low to shoot this ring shot.














And sneaking behind waterfal, I was able to get this cute peekaboo shot of them from across a bridge. So many great angles!










Some of my favorites of the day were actually not involving flowers at all! The stained glass windows of the Ida Cason Memorial Chapel is very special to me. I simply love it because it’s different from any stained glass design I’ve ever seen. Made up of organic drawings of pine cones and flowers, it has no typical religious imagery but relies on the beauty of nature to convey a sense of spiritual beauty. The silhouettes of Haley & Cameron in front of this window take my breath away!










Another favorite location is on one of the several lakes at Callaway. Each Christmas, we go to see the Callaway Fantasy in Lights where the entire park is a wonderland of light displays. If you haven’t been yet, make it a point to do so this year! SO much fun! Anyway, along one of the lakes is a pair of twin oak trees which are wrapped in thousands of clear lights. Absolutely gorgeous (and one year, I’ll be able to get a great shot of these and use it for my holiday cards)! We stopped at these twin oaks to do a couple of landscape shots and fun shots. I have to give credit to Haley & Cameron for the L-O-V-E shot but I twisted it up a bit with my own flair and made them alternate letters! ;o)







Finally, we wrapped up at thisblowing field of tall grass where I just let them get lost in the grass…and each other.













To see their slideshow, click HERE.

Also, I’ll give you a sneak preview of the new guest books we’re offering this year. More to come on these later, but this is a GREAT way to show off your engagement photos with a coffee table book for your guests to sign! See Haley & Cameron’s Guest Book HERE.